Sport Exchange to Equip and Develop.

We build our projects and programs focusing on 4 areas. We use Sport – it can make difference in the world, we value the Exchange Experience – being an international organization we appreciate the importance of connecting and learning with different people. We Equip Athletes to be leaders and Develop Communities through our projects.

seed is a sports exchange and development program of Global Sports Partners.

Global Sports Partners (GSP) is an internationally recognized sport consulting company with strategically placed representatives in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. GSP provides a variety of high-level professional services to improve sport performance by increasing participation and inspiring purpose for more than 25 years.

Our Mission: To equip and mobilize young athletes to impact communities through sport!

We’ve worked with many young athletes in several countries, facing two realities: 1. Early withdrawal. Some athletes play just for scholarship others for a small carrier in the sport they love. Normally, when competition is over, sport is over; and 2. The power of sports in the society. Sport brings hope to the hopeless, people are gaining second chances and then transforming their communities. So here come seed – a program that want “to grow” the athlete in different contexts of our society.

We desire to develop high-performing players and strong leaders! We are commited to support our athletes to improve their performance ON and OFF the field. So we equip them providing programs and opportunities where they will be able to play to inspire and impact others.

Our Vision: Young leaders on and off the field.

Through our values we desire to create a culture that bring out the best in our people.

Service – sharing what we have to inspire and help others; People – loving and caring for them; Opportunity for all – including and giving chance to those around us; Respect – the game, rules, players, authorities and opponents; Training & Education – pursuing excellence and improvement in what we do.

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; WORKING TOGETHER is success! Henry Ford

We have trusted partners around the world.

We have been developing trustworthy network of overseas organisations to better equip our players and serve our community.

We are a team of professionals willing to serve the new generation of athletes!

Our experience and expertise allows us to be trusted program in assisting our athletes. We love: sports, making friends, trying new adventures (and food) and making the difference!