New Partner: Techne Futbol

Proud to announce one more partnership to increase the level of our Sport Training program! From now on, seed athletes will have the access to Techne Futbol – a Football Training App. Their Training System encapsulates a process of striving for mastery. 

The App offer Technical Training, Mental Training, and Goalkeeper Sessions – designed by professional goalkeeper and 2-time Olympic gold medalist Nicole “Barnie” Barnhart. With Techne App will can train, track your progress, accrue hours and compete.

Besides a great APP, Techne has an incredible and awesome staff and excellent support!

Techne was developed by a great pro player – Yael Averbuch. Yael has played professionally for over 10 years, for various clubs around the U.S. and overseas. She also player for USA Women’s National Team and had na awesome collegiate career at The University of North Carolina (UNC). During her time at UNC she won two National Championships (in 2006 and 2008), set an NCAA record with 105 consecutive starts, and scored the fastest goal in women’s collegiate soccer history.

Together with Techne we want to inspire our players to own their own development! Make sure to visit their website and get the app! Master your techne skills!